Taiwan & China: The Cross-Strait Diplomatic Truce in the Pacific Islands

The cross-Taiwan Strait diplomatic truce that has swiftly materialized since 2008 creates a win-win-win situation for not only China and Taiwan, but also the PICs. On one hand, Taipei and Beijing, the two patrons that used to compete to outbid each other for diplomatic allegiances of these island countries, get to save their valuable resources. […]

Image Credit: 總統府 via Flickr Creative Commons

Image Credit: Al Jacinto via Flickr Creative Commons

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS/ISIL) Threat from a Philippine Perspective: An Interview with Olivia V. Palala 1

According to Commission on Filipinos Overseas, approximately 10.5 million Filipinos live and/or work abroad, which represents approximately eleven percent of the country’s population. A significant number of these Filipinos live and//or work in the Middle East, most notably in Saudi Arabia. Keiko Ono therefore sits down with the Philippine Ambassador to Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan […]

Future of Australia-Fiji Relations: An Interview with Jenny Hayward-Jones 2

In December 2007, you wrote of the importance of Australia taking leadership in governance and diplomacy, and the value of demonstrating respect in relations with Melanesia. In that article, you were particularly referencing progress in relations between Australia-Solomon Islands and Australia-Papua New Guinea. Therein, you claimed there is a need for Australia to match extensive […]

Image Credit: DFAT via Flickr Creative Commons