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Call for Applications: 2015 Pacific Islands Security Scholars Program

  In 2015, post-graduate and research degree students from Pacific Island Countries and their neighbors will again have an opportunity to make their voice heard on the most pressing traditional and non-traditional security issues facing the region. The Call for Applications for the second edition of the Pacific Islands Society’s Security Scholars Program is now […]

Special Edition Word Cloud: Fijian Peacekeepers

In celebration of the release of the Fijian peacekeepers in the Golan Heights, we have quickly pulled together a visualization of the international news reporting since the announcement was made. We constructed the word cloud using the front page stories on Google News for two keywords – “Fiji” and “Peacekeeper” – since the release was […]

Copyright 2014 - Pacific Islands Society

Copyright 2014 - Pacific Islands Society

Weekly Word Cloud – Russia and the Pacific

Over the last few months, much ink has been spilled over Russia’s intervention in Ukraine. But, little attention has been paid to Russia’s renewed assertiveness in the Pacific. Nevertheless, Russia is trying to remind the outside world that it too is an Asia-Pacific power. The Putin Administration has undertaken a wide range of measures over […]

The Pacific Island Development Forum Beyond ANZUS

  Both Japan and South Korea have major interests in the Pacific Islands. How does the PIDF affect Japan and South Korea’s interests in the region? And, with the rising influence of China across the region, do you think that they should consider modifying their own approach to development aid to Pacific Island Countries? I […]

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