Custom Book Printing and Binding Options

When it comes to book printing in Brisbane, one can find several options to customize the book and for binding. While most people aren’t aware of the fact that custom book printing is a rather easy task, they often think of it as something that may cost them more.


Binding is something which again depends on the publishers preference. Although there are plenty of binding options available in the market, here are the two most commonly used ones:

  • Perfect Binding

This type of book bind uses PUR (polyurethane reactive), which is a strong adhesive recommended for book binding so that the books can be laid down on the table straight. This does not disrupt its binding. It is durable and can be used for thinner stock as well.

  • Wire Bound or Ring Bind

This is another common way of binding manuals and work books. This can be used for thinner books as well as the thick ones. These are cheaper than the perfect bound and come without the hard or soft cover. You can get the card front printed though.

The book printing can be easily customized from the outside as well as inside. Ample amount of options are available for the size of the book, number of pages, cello glazing, cover types and paper stock. While most printing companies only offer black and white or colour options, some companies also let you customize the stock weight as well as foiling on the cover.

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