Review Ibanez Guitars Prestige Talman TM1702M and TM1730

When Ibanez introduced the Talman collection of electric solid body guitars in 1994, other music was a dominating force.

Guitarists in the time proved increasingly preferring classic instruments, especially inexpensive, quirky "pawn shop" guitars, and Ibanez provided the Talman as an "antidote" to the super shred machines which the firm was known for throughout the late Eighties. The Talman was effective, bringing players such as Noodles (the Offspring), Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine), Tom Morello and Billy Corgan, but it was also short-lived, heading from production just four decades later in 1998.

Ibanez lately uttered the Talman show, but this time that the designs are inspired by classic classics rather than pawnshop prizes.

The newest Talman models incorporate the super affordable Typical series along with also the more upscale Japanese-made Prestige series. The Talman Prestige lineup is made up of 3 base models–both the TM1702, TM1730 and TM1803–however factors like rosewood or maple necks and alder or ash bodies cause a total of seven generation versions. We took a peek at the TM1702M comprising two single-coil pickups and a maple neck and also the TM1730 comprising three single-coil pickups, a rosewood neck, and tremolo.


Each of the recent Talman versions shares several common attributes, for instance, streamlined, contoured offset body contour, master volume and master tone controls, and angled input jack. These also have equal maple necks with a 25 1/2–inch scale, 22 medium frets, 12inch radius, conventional C-shaped profile, stainless steel neck plate, contoured neck heel, and counter 3by3 tuner setup for your Gotoh MGT tuners with locking machine heads.

The TM1702M is a maple fretboard version (the next "M" stands for walnut) with a double single coil pickup configuration very similar to that of a Telecaster, using an angled bridge pickup mounted to a horizontal metallic bridge plate, a neck pickup with a chrome plated cover, plus a three position pickup selector switch. The IFXPRO bridge includes six individually adjustable level, strong metal saddles, along with the strings anchor throughout the alder body. Ibanez also gives the similar TM1702AHM with equal attributes with the exclusion of its own ash body.

The TM1730 includes a typical rosewood fretboard and a 3 single coil pickup configuration very similar to a Stratocaster and also comprises a five-position pickup button. The bridge is an ITLPRO tremolo, including six bent steel saddles plus a screw-in tremolo arm. Ibanez additionally gives the TM1803M, with a three-pickup "hybrid" design with Tele-style bridge and bridge pickups plus a center Strat-style pickup.


The coolest feature of Ibanez's Talman versions–old and new–is its exceptionally comfy body contour, which is mild and incredibly well balanced. While it was not supposed for a supersonic shred machine, Ibanez's experience in that region is well represented by the Talman's incredibly comfortable playability, allowing players to browse the whole neck easily.

Sonically, both the TM1702M and TM1730 deliver precisely the tones that you would expect them to. The TM1702M includes all of the percussive spank and twang, colorful treble, and throaty mid-size of a traditional Tele, although the TM1730 provides each of the beloved Stratstyle tones, for instance, competitive bridge pickup snarl, amazing neck pickup punch, and rectal "in-between" tones. Whereas the prior Talman models staked out their own sonic character, the newest Talman versions are similar to beloved old buddies who've toned their bodies up and eventually become new wardrobes. The first incarnation of this Talman might have been made to perform different music, but the newest version of this Talman provides guitarists an attractive fresh option to the customary vintage classics. If you are looking for the best electric guitar, go and check our guide to made an informed decision.


Ibanez's new Talman versions provide players a new sort of alternative guitar–essentially one which provides classic tones but provides a new and enhanced feel and playability.

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