Benefit of Integrated HR Solution With Payroll

The first function of HR manager is to maintain employee’s regular attendance, i.e. the workers every day Time OUT and Time IN. There are several methods for it.

Traditionally the firms utilizing manual punch card system, after proximity card system set up.  But still, there was an issue of buddy punching.  To cover the problem Biometric Fingerprint program has introduced that is quite accurate and efficient. You can also visit to know more about payroll and HR.

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Those calculated presence particulars have to be connected to citizenship software for the worker wages calculation.  Along with this, there’s a need to keep worker leaves such as annual leave, medical leave, unpaid leave, etc.

In case an HR director has all of the above solutions with various sellers / diverse stage then it’ll be rather tricky to keep and operate.

There’ll be plenty of hiccups to incorporate the various applications and more importantly being the database isn’t incorporated the recent link / resign worker details will need to be entered multiple times in various applications.

Therefore it’s really efficient and cost effective to have an integrated HR solution which includes of fingerprint time recorders, render, time attendance, HR & Payroll applications.

It’s quite effective to have a mic time recorders to monitor the employees presence rather than needing manual punch card.  The most important benefit of working with the fingerprint process is that the workers can’t do the buddy punching.