Polyvinyl chloride cables and Its Advantages

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material is commonly used to make electric cables. It is used to make the insulation, sheathing and bedding of a cable. In 1950s it was used as an alternative to rubber sheathed and insulated cables. PVC cables are cost-effective when compared with rubber insulated ones. Below are some other advantages of using them:

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1. Versatile

The main reason PVC is used to make electric cables is that its properties can easily be modified according to various needs. PVC in its original form is rigid and hard but it can easily be modified with stabilizers, lubricants, plasticizers and many other ingredients. These fillers and ingredients play an important role in enhancing and processing different properties. These types of cables can easily be used for household appliances, lighting, network industry and so on.

2. Flame resistant

Another advantage of using PVC material in electric cables is that it is flame resistant. More over this material is resistant to various chemicals, acids, oils and alkalis. Although it is already resistant to scraps and abrasion, durable and tough but by adding few additives you can easily enhance its temperature range, improve water and sunlight resistance and reduce emission of smoke. Due to this property these cables can easily be used in all situations.

3. Can easily be transported

As this type of cable is resistant to water and sunlight it can easily be transported in any cable trailer.

When using huge rolls of PVC cable make sure you use the right cable stand so it does not fall or tumble down.

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