The Role of Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin and mineral supplements play a critical role for women of child-bearing age. This is because these health supplements can prevent spina bifida, a developmental congenital disorder, and neuroblastoma. Moreover, new-born babies require vitamin K injections for avoiding life-threatening bleeding.  Always prefer high quality vitamins and other dietary supplements.

Latest studies have revealed that vitamin and vitamin supplements failed to improve or keep cognitive functioning.  It was also shown that these wellness supplements aren’t helpful in cutting the probability of heart attack and other ailments, a myth that’s been living for decades.  Even a U.S. National Cancer Institute indicated that calcium supplements may actually boost the chance of heart diseases in guys.


On the flip side, research appearing at the Cochrane Library journal demonstrated that elevated Selenium doses could be related to type two diabetes.  If this was maybe not absolutely all, over-dosing of betacarotene (accepted by most for a potent immune system, fantastic vision, and healthy skin) often leads to joint pain, nausea, and stomach upsets.

Vitamin and mineral supplements aren’t magic pills and there isn’t any uncertainty that the huge benefits of those pills are exaggerated.  It’s about time that the more medical studies have been conducted in this respect to just demonstrate that the advantages of those supplements are over stated.

The ideal method to good health will be to add fresh produce from the daily diet and be sure that you work out 5-6 days per week and adhere to a lively way of life, free of smoking and alcohol.  When you’ve been left amazed with all the promotion supporting vitamin and vitamin supplements, then it’s ideal to look for out the expert opinion of a reputed physician practitioner.