My Cat Owns A Bank!

It was my mom’s birthday, so I thought I would surprise her by having flowers delivered to her, as I was only going to meet her later that day, in the evening for dinner. I paid the delivery guy with one of my personalized checks from Checks Unlimited, and did not notice when my company director walked past – so I was really surprised, and later thought that it was hilariously funny, when he asked me if my cat owned a bank! Then he asked about the check with a picture of my cat printed on it. Of course, the whole office had a good giggle.

I told him that I ordered it from Checks Unlimited, and he was very interested indeed, as he thought that it will be a novel idea to have personalized checks printed for the company, and asked me to get him prices. Being a large company that uses lots of checks, he was surprised at what it would cost, after the discounts from the discount coupons.

Several of the ladies in the office were also interested, and a few placed orders.  All were impressed with the wide range of designs that are available to choose from. Again, checking the right way can provide the best possible ways to save money.

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