A Real Thailand Adventure

No more Thailand experience will be complete without a time spent hiking in Chiangmai, Thailand’s northern region.A region famous for the wildlife, vibrant green arenas, and concealed mountain tribes, Chiangmai is your best setting for an actual Thailand experience.

Throughout your trip here it is possible to travel to best tours in Chiang Mai seldom seen by vacationers, such as the Chiang Dao wildlife Protection Area along with Sri Lanna National Park.Located in the western portion of Surat Thani province in southern Thailand.

Accessible only from Surat Thani and Phuket, as a result of its remote place, Khao Sok keeps a certain ‘untouched’ appeal, which makes it a fantastic improvement to a Thailand experience.Besides its populated rain forest, Khao Sok boasts stunning waterfalls, magnificent limestone valley faces, pristine lakes and winding rivers.

But for most travelers, its main attraction needs to become the wildlife since Khao Sok hosts a huge collection of fauna and flora.Within a visit to Khao Sok, you may start an authentic Thailand experience as you venture deep into wildest Thailand.Here you may find appealing rainforests and float from natural gleaming lakes.  It’s possible to really absorb the jungle setting in your own Khao Sok trip.