Dietary Supplements – Are They Dangerous?

Dietary supplements consult with some other wellness products which may supplement our daily diet.

The use of dietary supplements has been increasing each year. Whereas a lot of men and women believe that dietary supplements may improve their health or prevent specific ailments, some customer groups or health care professionals have cautioned that dietary supplements could be harmful.

So, the question is: Why are dietary supplements really harmful? Sad to say, the question doesn’t have a very simple response.

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Nutritional supplements, by its broad definition, comprise tens of thousands of unique goods. A few of these herbs are used by herbalists for centuries and are regarded as safe. But once the active compounds in those herbs are expressed in pure or concentrated form and consumed within a protracted period, they may be harmful to your people.

Many nutritional supplements such as minerals and vitamins are secure and can supplement what’s missing in our daily diet. But, the benign nutritional supplement may get dangerous in overdose. You can also browse online resources to contact dietary supplement manufacturers.

In local news, a girl was reported to present her two teenaged daughters mega dose of vitamin A for the protracted time, believing that the nutritional supplement is excellent for your eyes. Both suffered from severe liver failure and you needed a liver transplant to save her life.