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Future of Australia-Fiji Relations: An Interview with Jenny Hayward-Jones 1

In December 2007, you wrote of the importance of Australia taking leadership in governance and diplomacy, and the value of demonstrating respect in relations with Melanesia. In that article, you were particularly referencing progress in relations between Australia-Solomon Islands and Australia-Papua New Guinea. Therein, you claimed there is a need for Australia to match extensive […]

Addressing the Future of Traditional and Non-Traditional Security in the Pacific Islands

Remarks by Mr. Solo Mara High Commissioner Republic of Fiji High Commission to the United Kingdom Before the Spring Ambassador Speaking Series Pacific Islands Society at SOAS School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) March 5, 2013 Introduction I am pleased to speak to you this evening on the future of traditional and non-traditional security […]

What’s at Stake in Fiji for Australia, China, and the United States

For more than two decades, Fiji has endured one coup after another. During the latest one, Commodore Frank Bainimarama overthrew Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase’s duly elected but troubled government. Since then, Australia has tried to coerce Fiji back to democracy. The regime’s failure to return to the polls, has led to Fiji’s suspension from the […]

Fiji Explores Its Options

The CIA World Factbook states: ‘Commodore Bainimarama has neutralized his opponents, crippled Fiji’s democratic institutions, and refused to hold elections.’ As the country’s representative to the United States, how do you respond to this position by the US government? We still consider ourselves a democratically-based country. The reason that we have gone off-track for the […]