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Global Risks: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Failure in Kiribati

Every year since 2005, the World Economic Forum in Geneva has published a Global Risks Report, analyzing the major challenges facing the world. This year, failure to mitigate climate change was listed 5th out of 31 risks, followed at 6th by a greater incidence of extreme weather events.[1] Thousands of miles away, residents of the […]

Reaching into the White Powder: A Policy Brief on 3D Printing and Pacific Security

A number of recent events involving 3D printing, otherwise known as additive manufacturing, have drawn attention to the incredible potential of this technology. Defense Distributed’s printed gun parts, the Aston Martin stunt model cars 3D printed for Skyfall, and many medical uses are just some of the applications that have received extensive media coverage. The purpose of this short […]

The Tonga Food Roadmap 2014 – 2064: Navigating Climate Change Potholes with a Mash-up of Traditional and Bio-Technical Capacity Building

Progressive climate change will lead to an intensification of existing food insecurity for people of the Pacific Island Countries (PICs). It is critical that the governments of the PICs lead the development of a formalized action plan to achieve long term food security across household, community and national levels. This bold plan for a long […]

Global Risks: Unemployment and Underemployment in the Pacific Islands

“I look at that painting of the vaka sailing into the high seas, and I wonder – where has that spirit of enterprise gone?” Dr Timote Vaioleti, talanoa, April 2014.   It was the last day of 2013, and I sat cross-legged on the hot floor of my Aunty’s lounge room in Tongatapu. I was […]