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The Pacific Islands Society (PacSoc) is a domestic nonprofit organization registered in the State of South Carolina, United States of America. Its mission is to promote mutual understanding and foster stronger relations between Pacific Islanders and others in the international community.



  • To ensure the unique cultures of the Pacific Islands are not only preserved for future generations but also actively celebrated in the world today.
  • To develop the next generation of leaders in the Pacific Islands region by providing young professionals with the knowledge, networks, and experiences to overcome the most challenging domestic and foreign policy issues facing the Pacific Islands.
  • To promote global, regional, and local dialogue on traditional, non-traditional, and human security issues impacting the Pacific Islands region - even when the interests of key stakeholders are at odds.



Arts: PacSoc creates international awareness for the talents of visual, performing, and culinary artists from Pacific Island countries and territories through programs such as NexGen Pacific Artists.

Education: PacSoc provides students, young professionals, and educators with curricula, fellowships, mentorships, internships, and other programming such as Pacific Young Leaders on Disarmament and Security Scholars.

International Affairs: PacSoc brings together the most influential minds to discuss the major social, technological, economic, environmental, political, legal, ethical, and demographic (STEEPLED) issues facing the Pacific Islands Region through speaking series, policy round tables, and publications.

Community: PacSoc enables individuals and organizations to explore their personal and professional interests in the Pacific Islands by providing a global community of likeminded peers that regularly interact with one another through chapters, hubs, digital platforms, and social media.



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