Recognizing the Disruptive Behavior Hazards

  1. Lack of confidence in the leadership
  2. No one cares
  3. Feeling mistreated
  4. Reduction of respect for a business
  5. High worker turnover
  6. Disgruntled workers (whistleblowers)
  7. Cease reporting incidents
  8. Can hide non-compliance
  9. The reluctance of employees to battle non-compliant conduct

Hazards to Hospital’s Standing

  1. Inappropriate behavior facing patients/families
  2. Hospital’s standing among healthcare providers
  3. Erodes the community’s confidence at the hospital

Capability to give quality patient care

  1. Constructive discharge
  2. Sexual Harassment


The Joint Commission

  1. Sentinel Event Alert, Issue 40, July 9, 2008
  2. Joint Commission Standards
  3. 03.01.01
  4. EP 4 — demanded the code of behavior
  5. EP 5 — procedure for handling

The Tumulus Behavior

1st Intervention –

  • Chair of Surgery talked with Dr. Day, demanded him to confer with the surgical technician and also to refrain from the additional outburst.
  • Day has yet another episode a month later between yelling in the OR monitoring team. You can visit to know more about disruptive behavior disorder.

2nd Intervention –

  • Chair of an operation identifies the episode to the MEC. MEC requires Dr. Day to experience the professionalism program.
  • Six months afterwards, Dr. Day has yet another episode involving yelling at a nurse.