Steps to Clone Marijuana

Sterile, Sterilize and Sanitize

Cleanliness is vital to the beginning of your cloning procedure.

Wipe down all of your tools with alcohol (99 per cent) soaked to a paper towel. Make sure you have gloves throughout the procedure, in addition to, all of the procedures related to your cloning.

Get Your Cloning Gel or Option

Your cloning gel or alternative is what makes your clone take root and blossom. They utilize synthetic root hormones that permit you to realize your plant to an origin in days.

Whatever method you are using to plant your own clone, make certain you have soaked them in water in order for your clone is going to have a refreshing beverage, when it gets implanted inside the starter block.

Clones for Sale

Based on if you have used a heating pad, you will also need to put this set up to make the expanding environment for your own clone. You can also go to this website to buy marijuana clones.

Create the Cut

Now is where you’re going to want to approach your plant along with also the cutting procedure using a surgeon’s precision? As previously mentioned, it is always best to take your cuttings in the lower portion of your plant.

Plant It

As soon as your stem was satisfactorily underwater into your cloning gel or solution, gently put it to its starter block. Whether you are utilizing rock wool, dirt or water, then make certain not to dip your plant to the block too harshly, risking damaging the clone.